War Of Hell

This is the oldest story in history. The oldest known but nowadays it doesn’t exceed the fingers of one hand. Older than Greek mythology, the source of Iranian legends, the beginning of the fears of Chinese dynasties, the basis of Egyptian stories, and the only legend that the Mayans knew before they established their civilization. This is a story of world’s real owners when the world is so young. Story of the Jinns.

Of course we can’t mention that world has a peaceful environment because the evil lord named Goza, who united the jinns under one command, was ruling. Goza was a general who managed to take the twelve kingdoms of jinns under his control. In addition to the strength of his army, giants and black witches were serving as eternal guards. He deported the Red Witches, who opposed him, deep into the misty forest, executed twelve lords, and imprisoned Shadow Pirates to Sasku Island, which was formed by the lava sea. They were calling Shadow Pirates themselves because they could approach their enemies as much as their shadow and never be noticed. Until the twelve kingdoms forgave them to protect coastal areas against fairies, most were prisoners of death. Therefore they were showing their gratitude to the twelve kingdoms with their extreme loyalty.

Red witches were reflecting the power of fire with their unique robes and red hairs. They were just a group of witch who were using their magic to protect the twelve kingdoms. Of course, no one should forget about the fairies, their eternal enemies. Perhaps the only serious force that could resist them until then was the Red Witches.

The Jinns, on the other hand, are a warrior race, usually one and a half meters long, with four fingers, not long but thick teeth. Another thing to know about them is the funnel hats that they wear to hide their long ears. The eyes of jinns are monochromatic and have no eyeballs, but they have very sharp viewing angles. To be honest Jinns like to wear matching clothes with their eyes. Unlike people their eyes colour can be anything. White, red, yellow, blue, green, black… Normally they dress in the one same colour they wanted to, from shoes to hat but each of the twelve kings had chosen one color for themselves and all the people had to wear it. Otherwise, the behavior meant rebellion to the king and would be heavily punished.

The faires were a bit taller than Jinns, had four fingers and pointed ears. Unlike the demons, they had enchanting eyeballs. Perhaps they were two deep-rooted races that were in constant warfare from the very first day of their creation, because they resemble each other. They fought constantly, unaware of their painful end. Goza, which gained great power during these wars, started to make treacherous plans. Although the twelve kingdoms fought constantly among themselves, when there was a war with fairies, they were uniting and General Goza were ruling this invincible army. Goza was not a strong-looking person. He had a weak, frail structure, and his right eye was blind. Twelve kings killed twelve lords, all their heirs and successors, in a feast given after a battle against fairies. It was such a bloody night that no goblin dared rebelling against him again. He exerted such a great pressure on the people that this was rarely disturbing the angels circulating among them. Goza managed to annoy even God with his evilness. Their eternal ending was now very close. Until God decided to destroy the demons and fairies …

He wanted to give them one last chance, for this he chose an obedient living among the jinns. This was the devil himself. Satan went to meet with his dark Lord Goza to his magnificent palace. Goza welcomed the devil with an extremely arrogant and cynical attitude. Satan first listed God’s wishes. In exchange for leaving the twelve kingdoms and changing to a different dimension with the remaining demons, no one would hurt, including himself.

Satan said,

“This is what God wants.”

Goza laughed and started making fun of God. The devil was so angry that he wanted to get out of there, but Goza didn’t allow it. I’m the biggest power here.

“If God’s power is enough, he’ll come and get me out of here.” He said.

Goza’s cynical attitudes disturbed the devil so much that he wanted to kill him there, but his order was just to embassy. Goza said to himself  “Satan thinks he is the messenger of God” and named the devil crazy. Unfortunately, he was not aware that his painfull end was coming. He did not punish the devil for making him laugh, but he did not show any respect. However, Goza dismissed him disrespectfully from his palace. The devil told the angels that everything happened there. The angels said they should expect news from him, then they got on their magnificent unicorns and flew.

The fairies positively approached this will of God and said that they would go wherever God wants them to go. In response, God allowed them to remain on earth but left them in another dimension. He pulled the fairies to another dimension, but the jinn would not be so lucky. God asked Jinns to draw their own destiny. He was going to make them the protagonist of the greatest battle the universe could see.

Day after day, week after week. The conversation between the Dark Lord Goza and the devil was also spread among the people, while some were waiting for the sad ending in anxiety, others went to the devil’s house and made fun of it. The sudden disappearance of fairies prompted some jinns to fear that what the devil said might be true but others thought that fairies could not cope with them and so they fled. They regarded this as a celebration of victory and held festivities that lasted for days. Until two angels came to earth and offered Satan to take over their army.Satan was in great surprise and fear. Satan said,

“I’m not a soldier, I don’t know how to fight.”

Spokesperson angel said, “Do not worry, God left the jinns alone with their fate but he created the mortal Black Angels so that the war would be fair. No doubt that they are storng enough to defeat the jinns. If God wanted to kill them, it would be easier than the blinking. Jinns have to live their fate and you will be the great general that God chose for this war. ”

The devil still could not hide her astonishment but it was not possible to object to God’s command. The Black Angels, the most powerful cavalry army of the universe, were on unicorn, called invincible. It was not possible to say anything about their numbers. It was so crowded that when viewed from the sky, a piece of land didn’t look like a needle tip. The devil was riding Pegasus as a general, leading the Black Angels.

Pegasus ‘magic horn was longer and stronger than unicorns’ and there was something else that unicorns didn’t have and that was Pegasus’ wing. It was dazzling with its white color. Pegasus seemed more glamorous in any case, so that it was like Pegasus was ruling unicorns alone but Satan owned the power anyways. He sent one last tidings to Goza. He said that if he doesn’t obey, he will chase and catch him, even forever. Goza was now taking the Devil seriously but his dark side and arrogance always outweighed it. Here is the expected day, he thought.  He had huge-sized dragons that sprang fire from his mouth, and the Bearded Dragon, the king of the dragons, was his magnificent mount. He remembered that he had giants and Black Witches as well as his magnificent army, and his courage was fulfilled. The inevitable last for the two armies had become even closer at each step. He went to his private room. He wore the armor made of the famous steels of Mans Island, where he won many wars and believed in his invincibility.

He wore his helmet, captivated by the magic of the Black Witches. He was now ready for war. He got on his dragon’s back and came to the battlefield at the beginning of his army. Black Witches on his right and giants on his left trusted him. The devil drew his sword and ordered to attack. This is how the greatest war of the universe started. The Black Angels started the war so superior that Goza had to retreat from the front lines to the back. The war was so great that there was war everywhere, from the land to the seas, from the seas to the mountains, from the mountains to the sky.

Goza’s troops of dragons attacked from the air. Goza’s cavalry resisted on the ground with their power on the back of huge lions called white lions. The reason why it was called the white lion was a white head color and white tails. However, even the steel armor and helmets of Mans Island had a hard time repelling this attack. The Red Witches, who were located near the devil’s army, were on the wolves. The wolves didn’t lag behind the big lions. Their colors are light earth color, and their crimson eyes and white lions with spiker teeth were worried about wolves. Red Witches and wolves contributed to the war with their powers. Although they were weaker than the Black Witches, they started to gain superiority against the Black Witches with the new spells they learned in the Misty Forest but many Red Witches also died heroically. If so, if they lost the war, they would remain in the Misty Forest forever and moreover Goza would cause them big problems. This was the price of choosing a side against such a strong enemy. The Red Witches were splitting the land with their wands in their hands. No jinn and the Black Witch could stand against them.  Giants did not even dare to approach them. The gray wolves of the deceased Red Witches fearlessly jumped on white lions like an immortal warrior on their own. The jinns had already suffered great losses in the first attack. Black Witches had less losses than Red Witches. They were competing with their magic as if overpowering each other. Despite the heavy losses of the jinns, the Goza troops of dragons were balancing the situation. This equilibrium was quick to break the troops of unicorns. In addition, Satan was attacking with Pegasus after Goza, but Pegasus found a wall of flesh in front of him. The giants didn’t give her a passage. Giants; They were very strong, muscular, almost impossible to beat. Apart from the spells of the Red Witches, there hasn’t been a war that made them nervous. Because they hadn’t yet seen what Pegasus could do. He was creating hurricanes with his wing and throwing giants right and left without touching it with his horn. Rumors were saying that magic, spell and talismans were made for the first time from a single feather that Pegasus dropped while flying, so no magic or spell could resist it. While the dragons collapsed on the Black Angels like a nightmare, they managed to take the upper hand at one stage of the war.

After all, God created the Dark Angels mortal, and there were no mortals that dragons couldn’t kill. The war is now directed towards the MistyForest. This was a field that the Red Witches knew like a palm. Even Black Witches had trouble seeing their way in this area. All creatures on earth were afraid to take a step to the Misty Forest, even the dark Lord Goza. Because not even one of the many armies that entered the Misty Forest came back. The reason was not yet known. Nobody knew what kind of creatures lived there. Only Red Witches could know this. They didn’t know before exile but now only the Red Witchs could know what was going on there, but right now they weren’t in a position to inform them. The war was going on at full speed and their numbers started to decrease. In the woods, as the Red Witches advance, Black Witches and jinns were moving on very slowly. They couldn’t see their way through the fog, and the Misty Forest also had a bad reputation for mysterious events. Then the Red Witch took advantage of this. They came to an area where the trees were sparse in the forest. Their aim was to continue the battle here. Because in this part of the forest, the bardians, the natural hunters of dragons that lived under the ground, were living. The bards were very intelligent creatures. They were gigantic snakes, whose height was seven and eight meters, their backs and abdomen were long, thorny, one-eyed, their teeth were thin and pointed, looking inward and resembling piranha. What attracted the dragons to this forest was the wild gazelles, a prey that dragons couldn’t stand. Of course, wild gazelle was almost nonexistent in this region. They were the bars that spread this scent. When the dragons came to the scent and landed on the ground or flew low, they hurled from the ground, quickly beating the ground or shooting arrows on their backs or bellies and hunting the bardos. The natural hunters of the Bardus were dragons. These two species were hunting each other. The only difference was that the bards didn’t attack any creature other than the dragon. When dragons approached to hunt witches, dozens of bardu were leaping from under the ground and were hunting dragons. When this clever plan of the Red Witches gave results, they were after the Black Witches. Bardians and dragons shared Black Witches and Red Witches. Of course, the dragons lost more than anybody expected. Bardians, on the other hand, would have suffered a magnificent feast, even if they caused minor losses. The Red Witches also used the advantage of the Misty Forest and hunted the Black Witches one by one. The Red Witches had done their part. Black Witches began to flee. Of course, some of them were trying to protect Goza from the anger of Pegasus. While fierce clashes took place in the Misty Forest, Pegasus had overcome many giants and the Black Witch. Goza, on the other hand, was heading towards Sasku Island with his dragon. There were Shadow Pirates, who he had imprisoned before but he wasn’t in a position to think about them right now. The Shadow Pirates had made plenty of weapons for themselves when they were stuck here. Because the mines on Sasku Island were intact, which are nowhere else in the universe but these mines couldn’t help pirates get out of here. Sasku Island was surrounded by lava see but there was no suitable place for pirates to escape.

Goza quickly came to the island. He found a place to hide here. It was going deep into the iron mines but it wouldn’t be difficult for Pegasus to find it. Indeed, it was so. Goza, who couldn’t find a place to escape anymore, was afraid for the first time. There were literally storms under and above the ground. The Black Angels were throwing fireballs from the sky. The demons also threw balls of light made of the most ingenious spells of the Black Witches. Under the ground, Satan, who wanted to hit the last blow of the resistance, was struggling with Goza. Of course, Goza wouldn’t be an easy bite. After all, he was a complete fighter. In fact, Satan was beginning to be afraid. Goza was running away from him, not from Pegasus. From that moment on, the job was left under sword bumps. On the one hand, it was not necessary to underestimate the armor and weapons of Satan, the most robust steels of the universe. Goza knew this very well. Because Satan’s armor and weapon were the armor and weapon of the Archangel Gabriel, whom God trusted most. This armor and sword were specially removed from heaven and were made by hellhounds in fires seven times below hell. It was the only armor and sword that could resist Goza’s armor and sword. The inevitable end was only a matter of time. Either the devil or Goza could win. There was no shield in Goza, Satan was advantageous. The devil’s shield was oval in shape and the edges were filled with sharp nails. This gave Satan a chance to attack even while defending. The first attack came from Goza. Even his voice when he pulled his sword from the sheath was terrifying his enemies. It was tearing the sky like a thunder. Although the devil was late in drawing his sword, he responded with his magnificent shield and had the opportunity to pull his sword. Now they could share their cards. The sparks that popped when they hit their swords as blazing as hellfire.

I guess there couldn’t be a creature who would want to be in that war and chaos. This bilateral war continued for over half an hour. Both were getting tired now. Goza attacked but the Devil misleaded Goza with a swipe of his body and swung his sword towards the leg area. This move was the first signals for Goza that the war was over because when Goza was trying to stand up after this move, a second move came from Satan and the arm he held the sword was severely injured. Waiting for a while without any moves, Satan looked towards Goza with the arrogance of being the greatest warrior of the universe.  With a painfull expression Goza said,

“Why don’t you destroy me? If I were you, I wouldn’t let you breathe this much.”

The devil stuck his sword into the gravel ground.

“So God asked me to win.” he said. Goza was defeated for the first time. His defeat hurt more than his wounds. After a deep breath, he raised his head and looked at Satan, “The end of this war was already clear.” he said.

Satan had to make a decision. He would either kill Goza or imprison him here. He made his decision and left him alone with his fate in a mining pit no different from the dungeon. Dark and cold closed the mouth of this hollow and didn’t tell anyone about it. Thousands of angels came to the battlefield from the sky; To greet Satan, the great commander. Of course, the Archangel Gabriel was there and brought two news to Satan. The first was to rule the world until a new race was created by God. The second was that God punished Goza with immortality. He was going to remain in that cold and dark hollow forever and his wound will never heal. He was going to suffer until the Day of Judgment. Of course, if the place wasn’t found by chance, it was impossible to see the sun again. The war was over now. This war was called the Battle of Hell among the jinns. Because the world became indifferent from hell, chaos started with this war and ended with it. The war had changed many balances. Soldiers were forgiven for the oath of loyalty. Some of the Giants and Black Witches surrendered, some were killed and some managed to escape. Those who managed to escape lived an exile life and searched the dark Lord Goza for generations. The Red Witches could be able to leave the Misty Forest for their superior contribution to the war but they were extremely happy in their new home and never wanted to return. Their goal was perhaps revenge and they succeeded. Unicorns and Pegasus could be able to roam freely in nature and those who tried to harm them would be punished mercilessly. Wolves were regarded as sacred animals, and they could now easily walk through the Misty Forest. White lions were caught and placed in cages with steel bars and left alone with the wolves in the Misty Forest. Fear, confusion and chaos in the world were over now, of course for now. Because our story is just beginning. After Adam and Eve were created…

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