The year is 2222. The Season is Autumn.

Withered tree leaves in the northern hemisphere of the world, cool winds, rainy weather, the flurry of birds and ants, the rush of people for their winter food and heating needs, children’s school preparation and their search for notebooks and books, dark clouds in the sky…

None of these exist. It all started with various nightmares, wars, many types of viruses and the extinction of most of the people and animals affected by these viruses, all of which descended on the world like a dark cloud one hundred and fifty years ago. Finally, “Global Warming”, the biggest nightmare, had come true as a result of not taking precautions due to waste, selfishness, conflicts of interest of the rich and big countries . Everywhere was white as the whole world turned into snow and ice with the seas and entered the Ice Age. Even the sky was covered with white clouds and it was impossible to see the sun anymore.

The only survivors were superhuman beings. At first, witches, fairies, vampires, zombies, werewolves, elves and combined beings possessing two or more of these, continued to live. First, the cruel human kingdoms in America, Europe, and Asia were defeated, and soon there was great turmoil among the superhumans and they began to fight each other. Witches, fairies and zombies joined forces in these wars that lasted for exactly one hundred years. Thus, defeating the elves, werewolves and vampires, they had taken possession and signed a permanent peace treaty. However, werewolves could not continue their existence because the moon was not visible at night due to the effect of Global Warming and they were completely wiped out within a few years.

During the wars on earth and Global Warming, Mina had taken precautions for the worst. She created a gene pool by taking seeds, seeds and seedlings from all animals and plants with her husband, Ece and her team of siblings and built a laboratory with scientists she gathered from all over the world and enabled scientific studies to be carried out. A thousand years later, she had programmed the world to be recreated cleaner, safer and with a complete food chain. It also preserved the civilization and cultural heritage of humanity; she also recorded movies, books, all kinds of music and works of art.

She also took measures to ensure that the human race could continue in a completely natural way in only five regions of the world, providing sunlight and energy during the day, albeit artificially and moonlight at night. In these regions, two of which are on the Asian continent and one each in Europe, South America and Africa, life continued almost as before, but human reproduction and environmental conditions were restricted. People lived here in caves and small huts, hunting and cultivating grain in the land, entirely as in the First Age, by primitive methods. 

These habitats, which are approximately one thousand square kilometers and surrounded by high mountains, allowed humans and other living things to live a life close to nature. A thousand years later, the sun would rise again every morning, the rainbow would appear again after the rains, all kinds of plants and animals would continue to live in nature with the waves in the seas and lakes, the gentle winds and the diversity of the climate. Only Mina and her closest people knew about all this.

Mina Dom, who was the representative and common candidate of witches, zombies and fairies as a result of the elections made after the wars, was elected the new Queen of the whole world by the majority of all superhuman votes, everyone believed that there would be a compassionate and just administration and trusted Mina. All of the zombies, most of the witches and fairies voted for Mina. Elves, vampires, and some of the werewolves still alive at that time had to choose Mina because they didn’t even trust their own candidate.

Mina Dom did not want celebration ceremonies when she was elected Queen. She immediately started to make plans for the future of the world by forming her own team. In her team were her husband Sadık, her brothers Seymen and Efe, her beloved sister Ece and Baba Zombie. They were the only ones who knew the extraordinary truth about Mina. Because even though Mina was known and accepted as a witch, she had not developed any of her skills or knowledge since she was first qualified and accepted as a witch and she was an ordinary person. Her siblings, Ece, Sadık and Baba Zombie, had kept this secret from everyone for hundreds of years.

Mina’s extraordinary abilities were not only highly intelligent and predictive of the future, but also that she escaped mortality with the excess lives given to the witches. She lost two of her lives due to old age and was living the third.

Mina’s brothers Seymen and Efe immediately embraced witchcraft and with the help of Ece, they covered a great distance on this path. Efe was no longer the same as before. Efe, who used to hug her sister even while watching horror movies, was gone and replaced by a great master and champion in Far East sports, who knew how to overcome all kinds of difficulties, was talented in witchcraft and sorcery.

Seymen and Efe had married the most beautiful daughters of the Fairy King Leon in the first of their previous lives and lived a very happy life. But fairies were not like humans and witches. Even though people got old, they never got old. However, the fairy girls they married in love continued to love them both in their youth and in their old age and they were patient to return to their happy days in the next life.

(To be continued)

Pictures and videos are excerpts.

(Translated from his own work: Yılmaz Örmeci)


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